Multiple choices

Questions 21-25

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Cities built by the sea

21   Carla and Rob were surprised to learn that coastal cities

A   contain nearly half the world’s population.

B   include most of the world’s largest cities.

C   are growing twice as fast as other cities.


22   According to Rob, building coastal cities near to rivers

A   may bring pollution to the cities.

B   may reduce the land available for agriculture.

C   may mean the countryside is spoiled by industry.


23   What mistake was made when building water drainage channels in Miami in the 1950s?

A   There were not enough for them.

B   They were made of unsuitable materials.

C   They did not allow for the effects of climate change.


24   What do Rob and Carla think that the authorities in Miami should do immediately?

A   take measures to restore ecosystems

B   pay for a new flood prevention system

C   stop disposing of waste materials into the ocean


25   What do they agree should be the priority for international action?

A   greater coordination of activities

B   more sharing of information

C   agreement on shared policies


Questions 21-24

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Woolly mammoths on St Paul’s Island

21   How will Rosie and Martin introduce their presentation?

A   with a drawing of woolly mammoths in their natural habit

B   with a timeline showing when woolly mammoths lived

  with a video clip about woolly mammoths


22   What was surprising about the mammoth tooth found by Russell Graham?

A   It was still embedded in the mammoth’s jawbone.

B   It was from an unknown species of mammoth.

C   It was not as old as mammoth remains from elsewhere.


23   The students will use an animated diagram to demonstrate how the mammoths

A   became isolated on the island.

B   spread from the island to other areas.

C   coexisted with other animals on the island.


24   According to Martin, what is unusual about the date of the mammoths’ extinction on the island?

A   how exact it is

B   how early it is

  how it was established

Questions 21-25

Choose the correct letter, AB or C.

21   What does Trevor find interesting about the purpose of children’s literature?

A   the fact that authors may not realize what values they’re teaching

B   the fact that literature can be entertaining and educational at the same time

C   the fact that adults expect children to imitate characters in literature


22   Trevor says the module about the purpose of children’s literature made him

A   analyze some of the stories that his niece reads.

B   wonder how far popularity reflects good qualify.

C   decide to start writing some children’s stories.


23   Stephanie is interested in the Pictures module because

A   she intends to become an illustrator.

B   she can remember beautiful illustrations from her childhood.

C   she believes illustrations are more important than words.


24   Trevor and Stephanie agree that comics

A   are inferior to books.

B   have the potential for being useful.

C   discourage children from using their imagination.


25   With regard to books aimed at only boys or only girls, Trevor was surprised

A   how long the distinction had gone unquestioned.

B   how few books were aimed at both girls and boys.

C   how many children enjoyed books intended for the opposite sex.