Speaking practice test

Speaking practice test


  • What kinds of meals do you like?
  • Do you often dinner with your family or friends?
  • When do you usually eat dinner?
  • And what is your favorite cuisine?
  • Are there any fruits or vegetables you don’t like? Why?

Guideline Part 1 food



Describe a place you like to eat at. You should say

  • Where is it?
  • What kind of food it serves?
  • Why do you like its food?
  • And how often do you eat there?

Guideline Part 2 food



  • How can we encourage people to eat more healthily?
  • Do you think people enjoy their food as much as they should?
  • Do you think cooking is a pleasure or a chore for people who have busy lives?
  • What could be the consequences of people’s change in diet?
  • Do you think your government is doing enough to improve people’s diets?
  • What can be done to make young people eat healthier food, do you think?
  • How important is retaining a county’s traditional food culture, in your opinion?
  • Do you believe that people in your country learn enough about healthy eating at school?
  • How healthy is your country’s food?
  • Why do you think different cultures have different table manners?

Guideline Part 3 food