Speaking Guideline Shopping PART2

Part 2

Describe your favorite shop. You should say:

  • Where is it
  • What things it sells
  • What sort of people are its customers
  • And explain why you like the shop so much


candidate : There is a store named The Daily Shop. It is located near the place where I live in. This is a large shop and sells a wide variety of products. It has many positive aspects. First of all, it is accessible from any part of the city for its geographical location. Furthermore, the interior decoration of the emporium is admirable. It is open to all and they have numerous types of commodities. People often go there to purchase products for their household use. Besides, this a great place to pick a gift item for someone. I guess the number of adult-male customers is higher than females and children on an ordinary day. On a weekend, however, more female customers could be seen. I am not sure why this is the case but I guess female shoppers prefer to come by on weekends rather than weekdays. It mostly sells the daily necessaries like canned goods, toiletries, cosmetics, fruits, groceries, vegetables, dairy products, fish, packaged food, various types of meat such as beef, chicken, and also soft beverages like juice and the list goes on. I appreciate their efforts to ensure the high quality of each product. I frequently visit the bazaar as it is adjacent to my residence. So, while returning from my office, I go there to buy something I need at home. And I sometimes visit this store to check their latest collection of toiletries and perfume. I like the way they serve the clients as well.


Describe a time when you bought something for someone. You should say:

  • When this was
  • What is was you bought
  • Who you bought it for
  • And say how you felt about buying it for them.


candidate : I would like to tell you about the time which is about three years ago. I purchased a computer for my younger sister. She was about to go to university and I promised her I would treat her. At that time there had been a big advertising campaign for the latest Apple Macbook and she was very keen to have one. She kept telling me they were value for money, even though they seemed very expensive to us. Anyway, I tried to shop around to see if I could pick up a bargain. This was in the middle of the summer sales and wherever you went prices were being slashed on big brand names, but unfortunately there were no Apple products. I ended up having to pay the full price. I remember my sibling justifying the cost by pointing out how nice the Apple carrier bag was, but it was lovely to see her so excited and the customer service she’s received during the four years she’s had it has been excellent. So, it was value for money after all.