Speaking Guideline Health PART3

Part 3

  1. What is the role of the government in promoting healthcare?

candidate : I believe that the administration plays a major purpose in uplifting the wellness program. It should educate the people about soundness and guide them about having healthy lifestyles. It must create more programs and activities that would disseminate appropriate and accurate information about fitness. I also believe that the authority should improve the health sector to make it more accessible for the citizens.


  1. What more do you think could be done to promote healthy living in your country?

candidate : I think that the government should have more initiatives and implement strict policies when it comes to activities that affect people’s health. For instance, the banning of smoking in public places would not just benefit the smokers, but the nonsmokers as well. People must also be educated about the advantages of having a healthy lifestyle. I also think that putting up more establishments for people to engage in sports or exercises must be encouraged.


  1. How can individuals take more responsibility for their own health?

candidate : Lifestyle plays a major role in our wellness. We must care for our own soundness. There are a lot of things we can do to stay fit and healthy. For instance, being conscious about our food intake and exercising regularly must be practiced. Discipline is very important. We must always try to avoid unwholesome practices and vices.


  1. How is healthcare promoted in your country?

candidate : In our nation, there is a universal multi-payer wellness program paid for by a combination of lawful health insurance, restriction-free and consumer-oriented healthcare system. Patients are allowed to seek almost any type of care they wish whenever they want it. It is greatly ultra convenient.


  1. What makes a good doctor?

candidate : In my point of view, an excellent doctor is knowledgeable and he/she makes the care of his /her patient his/her first concern. A great physician provides a credible standard of practice and attentiveness. He/She keeps his/her professional knowledge and skills up to date and recognizes, works within the limits of his/her competence as well. A certified general practitioner protects and promotes the health of the nurslings and also the public.