Speaking Guideline: Environment PART2

Part 2

Describe an environmental problem that has been in the news.

You should say:

  • When this was?
  • Where the event happened?
  • What actually took place?
  • And say how you felt about this problem?


candidate : Well, this is an interesting question. There are numerous issues I could think of like for instance, the natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods seem to be in the news almost every year. But there was one story recently about some animals that were under threat. It wasn’t focused in one place in particular. It was centered at various animals that could actually become extinct in different African countries if the people there won’t take steps to protect them. These were really iconic animals like gorillas, leopards, rhinos, and apparently they’re now listed as endangered species. What made it really depressing was they were often at risk. In some cases, it was due to a loss of habitat either because people need more agricultural production or even worse I deem It’s because of hunting and poaching. I hate to think of the future generations being robbed of the chance to see creatures like these in their natural environment. Fortunately, there are various organizations that focus on wildlife conservation. Hopefully, with their assistance we can put pressure on those in power to do something to cease these pitiful animals from dying out.