Speaking Guideline: Environment PART1

Part 1

  1. Do you or your family take steps to help the environment?

candidate : Yes we do. We constantly turn off lights or electronic appliances when they are unnecessary. We also dispose of the garbage properly. Although these are minor actions, but I believe that they could make a significant contribution to the environment.


  1. Do you take an interest in nature?

candidate : Definitely yes. As a city person, I barely have an opportunity to experience the natural environment. That’s why whenever I have a holiday, I really prefer to travel to far-off destination. In this manner, I could get closer to nature and discover the natural world.


  1. Are there any environmental problems in your country?

candidate : Absolutely yes. The most common environmental issue in our nation is exhausted emissions produced by cars and motorbikes. It is afflicting the air and water quality. Our government is struggling to deal with this matter.