Speaking Guideline Business PART2

Part 2

Describe a business you know that you admire. You should say:

  • What this business is
  • What the business sells
  • How long you have known about the business
  • And say why you like it so much.

examinee : At present, there is a new booming trend of start-ups in our city, however, not all of them are in the clover. One of the businesses that I think is the most successful is the Center Street Deli, which is an extremely popular restaurant in our place. Its menu contains smoked meat, sandwiches and french fries, recommended delicacies include kishke, a sausage of chicken fat and matzo meal, and chopped liver, which is pureed with loads of caramelized onions into a smooth spread. Then, I remember 2 years ago, they only had one business establishment in our home area. Then, it quickly became one of the favorite spots for the youth to get together. Now, they have expanded with franchises in almost every corner of our region. The fame of this diner has spread by word of mouth, and in my case, a friend told me about it. The owner of the chain is a young woman, who is only 29 years old at the moment. Since I have always been interested in opening up a small cafe restaurant of my own, I admire her work a lot. She has successfully created a brand name of real food, in the environment of a modern, energetic and urban café, introducing the foreign lifestyle to our rustic city. Every time I visit this eatery, it is always full and this applies to all other locations in our area, not just one specific place. Recently, their group announced that it had raised a 5.5- million-dollar investment from overseas funds. This proves that it is considered to have great potential in developing further and becoming even more progressive in the future.