Speaking Guideline Business PART1

Part 1


  1. Do you work or are you a student?

examinee : I’m currently studying. I’m in the 10th semester and my major is Business Marketing.


  1. What is your ideal job?

examinee :   I strongly believe that I should choose a right path for my profession In my opinion, a great career is not only a job that can offer me a good income to afford my living, but is enjoyable as well. That’s why I think a task in Marketing field will suit me well.

I had spent a great amount of time on defining my strengths and weaknesses as well as asking for advice from other people. After that, I came to a conclusion that my outstanding skill is writing which I have an inborn talent for. Since I was at the age of 10, I was found out to be gifted in Literature by my teachers. They contributed a lot to developing my set of skills. During years of studying literature, I was often considered to be among the best students. Along with my writing skills, I think I can utilize my analytic skills and creativity which I acquired after years of acquiring knowledge at my university to dig into customer’s behaviors then, develop a good campaign to get more customers for our company.


  1. Is your town a nice place to live?

examinee : Well, I think it’s the best place to live in Canada. Toronto is perhaps the perfect introduction to Canada. It is the country’s largest city as well as it is the most diverse. It is possible to find tokens of most cultures from all over the world here. Getting around Toronto is a cakewalk and although many locals grumble about the public transit system,     it is never really hard to get somewhere within the downtown core or city by public transportation. The main method of conveyance is by trams or streetcars as they are called in Toronto. Since it’s a cosmopolitan area, people do jobs related to computers and many are young entrepreneurs. Having said that, many people are also engaged in the manufacturing industry. Apart from these, there are successful business owners and Bureaucrats in our home area. Undeniably, it is a pleasant region to reside in.