Guideline Part 3

Speaking Guideline: Education


  1. Some people say that your school days are the best days of your life. Do you agree?

examinee : I have the same point of view. It is the spring time of life when we are least bothered regarding life and earning money. We have less desires and we are so glad with the little things that we get. It is more about having fun with friends and learning something. It is only when we grow that we start over thinking and ruining state of affairs.


  1. Do you think school and university prepares young people adequately for real life?

examinee : I am not very certain of it. For the reason that I have seen people who have learnt a lot about real life from their teachers and friends and the books that they have read. On the other hand, I have even come across people who don’t know anything about life. So, I think to an extent it all depends on the kind of teachers and schools that you go into. Those aspects surely do have an impact.


  1. Do you agree there is too much pressure on young people at school these days?

examinee : Certainly, yes. Pressure has increased among young people when compared to the earlier times. In our times we were more bothered about learning things and going to our grandparent’s house during summer holidays. Today, I can see people going to various kind of groups and doing activities in their summer vacation. When you look at it in a way it is kind of good for their overall development, but I think when done without a sound reasoning, it becomes a pressure.


  1. What makes a good teacher?

examinee: Firstly, I think an excellent educator needs to be patient. Secondly, he/she must be intelligent and knowledgeable. Thirdly, he/she has to be kind which creates a warm, and open learning environment. I also think that he/she should have interpersonal skills to be able to understand the needs of all the students. There are different kinds of mentors but I will use these as a rule of thumb.


  1. Have there been significant changes in schooling methods in your country in the recent year?

examinee : Well, I believe there have been great alterations in the education system in my country. Firstly, you can now see students learning from smart classes, making learning more effective. Even more, these days, there is a lot of emphasis being laid down on the overall development of children which earlier was quite limited. Even more, now with the increased suicide rates, grading system has come up, which is definitely a welcoming change. So, yes there have been modifications and we hope that we will improve like this with every passing year.


  1. Do you think schools and universities provide enough career advice to their students?

examinee : I think that academies at the present time are certainly more committed than before to providing career advice but they still do not have sufficient time and resources to do it thoroughly. Psychometric testing can be invaluable in finding out which arenas students are most likely to prefer and which they have appropriate talents and personalities, yet schools don’t use these tests to their best advantage. The computer generated reports are presented with little explanation or are only discussed by teachers who may not be basically experienced.